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November 12, 2018


What is ‘mind set’, its a pop psychology term that can take on a lot of different meanings. Some experts describe it as “the stories you tell yourself, about yourself’.

The Transtheoretical model of Change is a system of describing behaviour modification developed by psychologists Prochaska, Norcross and DiClemente.

The TTM describes change as a multi step process. In medicine we use this model to help assess whether a patient is ready to undergo lifestyle modification regarding smoking or alcohol cessation.

The TTM reports 6 stages of behaviour change
1️⃣Precontemplation: no idea you need change to that there is an issue. 
2️⃣Contemplation: understand the requirement to change
3️⃣Preparation: begin planning
4️⃣Action: You implement the plan
5️⃣Maintenance: you consolidate, repeat and practice the new behaviour
6️⃣Termination: The new behaviour is now habitual
Progressing thru these steps is usually not linear.

We may try to commit to going to the gym 3 times a week and only go once. Your mindset may tell you that this is a failure or a relapse/falling off the wagon.

But instead look at it as a recycle thru the pages and another awesome opportunity to learn what is the best way for you to implement change in your life.

What I am saying is give yourself permission to not follow a linear journey. Life has set backs, and we will at times have static or backwards progress.

But just re-cycle thru the steps and get back to the plan, or make yourself a new plan that will help you have better adherence in the future.

As Zen Buddhist monk and author Pema Chödrön advises, “Fail, fail again, fail better.”



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November 12, 2018

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