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Winning Wednesday.

October 31, 2018

Want to feel good?
Write down an achievable goal to do today with a check box next to it.
Maybe its a 15 minute walk with the dog, may its a walk on the beach, or 10 minutes of meditation/yoga. 
Maybe its eating a healthy breakfast, or saying no to a beer and going for a soda water with lime instead. 
Maybe its stepping foot in the gym again after a long hiatus. 
What ever your goal is, write it down.
Then make it happen. 
Make time for you today. 
Even if its jut 10 minutes. 
Make time for you and your health.
Then - tick that check box and feel proud.
We don't give ourselves enough credit sometimes.
Use that feeling of pride to motivate you to repeat this small action tomorrow.
Let that sense of pride and achievement carry on each day, increasing your number of proud and 'feel good' moments in your week.

Let this little activity snow ball into a new ritual, routine, habit - and then you will be habitually be feeling proud, accomplished and motivated to check that little box each and every day. 
Little actions like this, is how lives can be transformed.
Take time for you. 
Make a check box and tick it off.

You gots this :)

What is your little goal for today?

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