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Why I went vegan.



I grew up on a cattle station for the decade of my life.

I would go out and shoot a cow with my dad, skin it, quarter it.

I’d help with branding, de-horning, castrating.

I never thought much of it.

It was what you did on a farm.

I didn't know any different. 


Around 12 I started to question, 'Why do we eat meat if it causes so much pain to other creatures?'


"Why are ‘we’ (our society) so comfortable with a process that is so inherently cruel?"

I decided I wasn’t comfortable with it - so started following a vegetarian diet at 12 year old. 

My second question was - ‘do we need meat to survive?’.

Potentially I could justify eating animal products if my body truely needed it.

I went to medical school for 6 years.

I learnt I don’t need meat to survive. 
I actually found the opposite was the case. 

The preventable risk factors for bowel cancer:

- processed meat

- low fibre diet. 

The preventable risk factors for myocardial infarct (heart attack): 

- high intake of animal/saturated fat

- obesity

- hypertension

- diabetes

- Smoking

The preventable risk factors for stroke:

- high intake of animal/saturated fat fat

- obesity

- hypertension

- diabetes

- Smoking

The preventable risk factor for diabetes:

- high amounts of dietary saturated/animal fat

- obesity


Risk factor for obesity:
- high amounts of saturated fat

- processed sugar. 


I, just like you reading the above risk factors, started to see a trend. 


Lets just put it this way:


After 10 years in the medical industy (6 in med school, 4 as a doctor),

I am yet to meet a patient who has suffered:

- heart attack

- stroke

- or develop type 2 diabetes ...


...on a vegan diet.


It just doesn’t happen.

Just like putting the right fuel in your car matters. What you put in your mouth matters. 

Heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes and obesity are THE biggest burden on our health system. 

I prefer promoting the prevention of disease rather than treating the devastating consequences of stoke, diabetic amputation and cardiac failure. 

I truely believe preventive medicine is the key in improving the health status of Australians.

I truely believe the most effective way is by people giving up the ciggies and reducing/ceasing their intake of animal products. 

I have discovered I don’t need meat to function at a high level - mentally and physically. 

I have learnt that science consistently demonstrates meat ingestion directly correlates with increased incidence of cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart attacks.



I have learnt first hand, on one of the most ethical of cattle stations, that animal husbandry is causing billions of creatures so much unnecessary pain.

So my conclusion was - Why on earth would I ever eat meat?

I know it tastes good.


I know out ancestors ate it.


I know we have two very slightly pointy teeth.


But I’ve been blessed with living in the 21st century in a privileged country, where I have a choice in what I eat. 

If I have the privilege and the power to reduce my burden on other animals, the environment and the public health system - I will most certainly give it my best shot. 😊

That’s why I went vegan 🌱


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