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Tried going vegan or vegetarian and Craving Meat?



Have you ever tired a vegetarian or vegan diet and felt tired? Craving meat?

Check this out ⤵️

I’d love to hear your thoughts. ❤️❤️


Without taking a good look at your nutritional intake, its hard to say if your vegetarian/vegan diet is lacking something or not.


The causes of tiredness are very broad and often multifactorial.

But that run down feeling could certainly be diet related.

Menstural cycles can also play a role.

Women tend to crave foods more in the luteal phase of their cycles - ie the 10days leading up to haemorrhage time 😂 - usually foods high in iron (muesli, meat, chocolate) and foods high in simple carbohydrates (sweets) as well as fatty foods - yay. 😬 #periodsarefun 😑


It is true that when changing a diet - i.e. going vegan or vegetarian, we must stop and think:

'Am I getting enough of what I need?'


If I am making fairly big changes to my diet, I should stop and make sure my new diet provides me with the essential nutrients I need.



One problem some people face when going vegetarian/vegan, is that they cut out the meat (yay).

They then replace the meat with carbohydrate sources - instead of protein/iron sources.... uh oh. Get help here.


So their new veg diet becomes 80% carbs (bread, noodles, pasta, fruit, veg, sugar, cakes, treats) and 20% (or more) fats (AVOCADO TOAST #guilty :P ) nuts, coconut oil.


Protein sources and iron sources get forgotten. Shiiit. Goodbye gains, good bye healthy iron levels.


Nutritional deficiency can occur in any type of diet, if we don’t take notice of what we are eating.


A study performed in Sweden discovered:


“The prevalence of insufficient iron status was as high among omnivores (23% of females) as among vegans (20% of females), indicating a female rather than a vegan problem.”


The main factor is eduction.


Which ever diet type you chose, make sure to eat:

  • Plenty of greens and vegetables (3+ servings a day)

  • This will provide iron, calcium, magnesium, Vit D, Vit A

  • Protein (at least 1g/kg for minimally exercising women, and 1.2 - 2g/kg for regularly exercising women).

  • Complex low GI carbohydrates i.e. veg, fruit, nuts

  • Plenty of water - aiding adequate intracellular and extracellular fluid balance and excretion of metabolic waste products.

  • Fruit - b vitamins, fibre

  • Essential fatty acids: omegas 3, 6, and 9

  • Nutritional Yeast: Protein, b-vitamins and B12

  • Seaweed/iodised - iodine/thyroid function.


I plan ALL my meals around my protein source.

Each meal (I have 5-6 meals a day), I have one of the following:

  • 100g - 150g hard tofu

  • 300g silken tofu

  • 100-150g red beans/lentils/chickpeas/black beaks

  • 15-30g protein powder

  • 100ml soy milk

  • 100-150g tempeh

  • 200g Broccoli

  • 15g pumpkin seeds

  • 5-10g Nutritional yeast

I get around 120g of protein and more than enough iron, B12 and iron to sustain a 12 hour work day and 1-2 hours of exercise per day.

We are all so different though, and some of us will need different levels of micro and macro nutrients to support out differing busy lives and needs.


If persisting tiredness or any health concerns at all - I recommend going to see a GP and getting a check over :)


Want a meal plan? Im happy to help. Click here.


Christel L Larsson, Gunnar K Johansson; Dietary intake and nutritional status of young vegans and omnivores in Sweden, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 76, Issue 1, 1 July 2002, Pages 100–106, https://doi.org/10.1093/ajcn/76.1.100



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