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Your Questions Answered

Q. Do I have to be vegan to apply/participate?

A: No, Not at all.

The program is perfect for those who are omnivores or vegetarians who are interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into their diet.

Q. Can I do the program with out a Gym?

A. Absolutely. 

Each exercise program is CUSTOM made for your current situation. 

My client Anne lost 15kg while doing the program at home for only 20-45mins a day 4-5 days a week. 

She didn't set foot in the gym!!

If you're interested in doing the program at home, I recommend purchasing:

- a yoga mat

- set of booty bands (i can send these to you),

- a pair of light dumbbells (ie 3kg) and

- a set of heavier dumbells ie 5kg

These can be purchased quite inexpensively from Kmart/BigW or online.

They are not essential! But will help increase the variety and scalability of your workout.

Q. What is the time commitment required for success?

A. Different people will require different programs, but generally, amazing results my Programs require:

  • 45 mins exercise 4 days a week

  • 20-30 mins of walking/yoga/stretching/cycling/hiking as 'active recovery' on rest days

  • 1hour on Sundays for meal preparation. (I’ll teach you how to do this in a time efficient easy manner.)

  • 10 mins on Saturday mornings to complete your 'Check-in':

    • Use a measuring tape to take measurements around the chest, bicep, waist, belly button, hips, buttocks, thigh, calf.

    • Skin Pinches

    • Weight

    • Progress pictures

Active participation in the Members-only Facebook group and in the DRVGNFIT IG community is recommended, as historically, the people who have stayed the most active online have gotten the best results as their motivation and accountability levels remain high. They also get increased support from the amazing DRVGNFIT Tribe.

Q. What is the Cost?

A. The best value is the Upfront Payment of where you save $200.

Or you can opt for a payment plan! :D

  • Upfront: Single payment of $694 (BEST VALUE You SAVE $200 by choosing the Upfront payment)

  • Monthly: $298 a month for 3 months 

  • Weekly: $79 a week for 12 weeks

It is a 90-day commitment. Why?

Because when people have 'skin in the game', they stay FAR MORE MOTIVATED to continue each week, complete the entire 90 days and ultimately flourish and crush their goals.

If you quit part way through, the subscription will continue until the final payment.

If you wish to exit the program after the 90 days, just give us 2 weeks notice and we will cancel your subscription. Easy Peasy. :) Special pricing for students available on request! :D

Q. Do you update my program through-out the 90 days?


My whole philosophy behind fitness, training, nutrition, and health is you have to cater for the individual person. There are so many "one-size-fits-all" plans out there. Many coaches and trainers sell the same plan to EVERYONE. They fail to cater to the progressive change in your physique. I  want to ensure you stay on the right path and achieve amazing sustainable results, not just a quick fix.

The meal plans will change with your measurements to ensure that you consistently get results.

The training programs also change, approximately every 4-6 weeks. The training is designed to torch calories, revving up your metabolism, increasing your lean muscle mass to ultimately help you carve out a sexy PLANT STRONG BOD.

Q. How fit do I have to be?

A. You can be a complete beginner!!

But I do have a health survey that all applicants must complete before commencing the program. 

This is to make sure exercise will be safe for you.

Q. When does it Start?


Applications close Sunday Night, 23rd September.

Then over the next week, I will go through all the applications. 

Successful applicants will be notified next week! IM SO EXCITED!

Formally your first day will start on Monday, October 1st, with the 90days taking you to December 31!!! #summerbod

Next week, successful applicants will be asked to complete a food log for 3 days of their normal dietary intake, (prior to commencing on October 1st), so I can assess their current diet/calories and eating habits, preferred meal frequency.

This helps me understand your current metabolic requirements and hence design a plan for your specific body and future goals.​

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