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Plant Based Fitness

Evidence based medicine meets plant based fitness.
The perfect alliance for optimal health and a sexy bod.


The Whole-food Plant-Based recipe book

"PLANT STRONG Meals for Busy People"

Has been RELEASED!

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Portia was a finalist for Peta's 2018 Australia's Hottest Vegan.

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Doctor Vegan Fit pty ltd is proud to announce that from December 1st 2018, 10% of profits will be donated to Big Ears Animal Sanctuary.


Dr. Portia is powered by Prana On Nutrition. Australia's only certified Vegan, Sports nutrition Formulated Protein. Get $10 off and free shipping using the code 'Portia'.

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Dr. Portia from Doctor Vegan Fit will be speaking and holding a workshop at the New Kind Festival in Tasmania.

Wednesday 20th February 2019. 

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Dr. Portia is the Tasmanian "Ambassa-Doc" for the Highly Esteemed Charity 

Doctors for Nutrition

Dr Portias is a writer for Oxygen Magazine, Australia's leading Woman's health, and Fitness Mag.

Dr. Portia


Dr Portia

Dr. Portia is a Plant Based medical doctor with a passion for preventative medicine, health, fitness and nutrition. By day - she works in the field of Radiology/Medical Imaging. By night - she coaches online clients, helping people reach their fitness and physique potential. Despite already having a medical degree, Dr. Portia is currently studying to be a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. She is passionate about living a plant based life-style as it reduces harm to animals, the environment and significantly improves the health of humans!



I know that modern life can be jam-packed, making it hard to prioritize fitness. I offer specialized exercise programs that will accommodate your busy schedule, while allowing you to meet all of your fitness goals. Your health and fitness is my top priority. Check out the different ways in which I can help you get in shape.

New Recipe E-Book Released January 1st 2019. 

Your new Years Resolution Starts now!

Here it is - Just in time for New Year!

All the foods I love eating in one simple e-book!

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert, dips!

Its all covered!

All recipes are plant-based, vegan, oil-free and gluten-free. 

All macronutrients and calories per serve are included. 

Quick healthy whole food plant-based recipes for a lean 2019!

The perfect present for yourself to start 2019 PLANT STRONG.

The e-book includes three days worth of meal-plan suggestions, so you can enjoy a wide variety of meals, as mix and match as you wish. 

10% of profits in December will be donated to Big Ears animal sanctuary Tasmania.

Therefore, you'll feel good inside and out, knowing that your purchase is going to help animals in need. 

Portia, aka Doctor Vegan Fit has created a really supportive platform for a family of health seekers to meet and connect. The approach she takes for meal plan is not about restriction or feeling hungry, which is a huge relief, more about eating good nutritious plant food. I am excited that she promoting the benefits of a vegan diet. The changes I have implemented under her advice so far are already creating changes in my mind and body. I am feeling grateful to be on this journey, Thanks again for everything!



Promoting a Plant Based Lifestyle reducing harm to animals.


Doctor Vegan Fit believes in, and utilises, evidenced-based medicine, research and nutritional science.


Dr. Portia is committed to preventative health care. She completed her Medical Degree in Melbourne (MBBS, 2013), is a qualified Personal Trainer (cert III/IV) and has an Advanced Diploma in Sports Nutrition. 


Unsure? Lets talk. I'd love to hear from you.

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